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Indoor or outdoor, commercial or domestic, we in The Solid Oak Man offer any possible carpentry and woodworking services you may require. We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

Fireplace surrounds
We specialize in:
Floating Shelves
Mantel pieces/lintels
 We Also Do:
  • Floor boards
  • Skirting boards
  • Lamp stands
  • And more ...

How to buy?


           Perhaps it’s not the most straight forward purchasing process you would expect but we thought it’s important to give you as much say over your product as possible, therefore please simply choose your desired shelf length & width  (we can cut it to any size you require, please get in touch if you need something different than listed in the table), send us a message with any other comments/requests you might have, we’ll send you an quote, once we are all happy with the specification/price we’ll send you a PayPal invoice – it works!


         We don’t just sell pieces of wood, we sell products that are unique and bespoke and that they will be of joy to you for many, many years to come. To achieve this we’d like to give you as much say over your product as possible so we can produce exactly what you want:



Therefore, when you are making us an offer please let us know the following:


-     Length and width of you shelf, if you were buying mantel we also need to know beam size and height

-     Timber grade (Rustic or Prime)

-     Edge profile (square, rounded, scalloped/waney random pattern, bevelled or pencilled)

-     And finally treatment – we can treat your beam with highest quality Danish Oil or teak


Please refer to our “how to ...” guides @


How to order floating shelf/mantel:


Edge profiles:


How to care for oak furniture:


How to install floating shelf:


We can cut to any measure you require so don’t feel you have to have the size listed - please get in touch for a very competitive quote.


                       Presented beams and boards/shelves ARE characterful beams and boards, SOME contain splits and CRACKS caused by the natural drying process, most contain knots, swirls and other imperfections; EACH ONE IS DIFFERENT - some more rustic than others - the photos show typical examples in various treatment and edge profiles. If you need specific grade of your oak (cracks, knots free) or more rustic than normal, please get in touch before placing an order, otherwise we will send randomly chosen grade. 


                       As Oak is a natural product each piece may be different in appearance and slightly in colour. Our character beams may already contain surface cracks, knots, pin holes, & waney edge. Although air dried, it is not unusual for the oak to develop further shrinkage, movement, splits and cracks as it acclimatises to your properties temperature.


                        We recommend that if the beams are going above a log burner, fire or any intense heat, that the heat should be gradually increased over a period of a week or more if possible. All of the above points will not be accepted as defects, as character beams all of the above only enhance the beautiful natural characteristics of the oak.


                        Our oak beams are well seasoned, air dried oak from SUSTAINABLY MANAGED forests of Europe. Each piece is totally individual with different characteristics in every single piece, they can be used as they are or cleaned down, prepared and finished in many different ways to suit your particular taste. AS THE OAK fully dries and adjusts to your room environment more CRACKS AND SPLITS MAY APPEAR, ADDING TO IT's BEAUTY, character AND rustic appearance


                         Pictures shown are specimen only, to show the general look of the beams. Each piece of timber is totally unique with regards to grain, knots and other characteristics. We hand select our beams and try to use pieces with as much character as possible, this may include minor blemishes, pin holing, mature knots, splits, shakes, minor bends or twists. Please be aware of this before ordering. We have a wide selection of beam listings, it may be worth taking a look at some of our other listings showing finished beams to get a much better feel for the look of our beams once finished. If you have specific requirements then please contact us before placing your order to make sure we are both happy. Alternatively, please ask us for a picture to be emailed to you before dispatch

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