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we've limited our treatment choices to a minimum, simply to admire the wood beauty on its own - in a word - if you are looking for a colored stuff, probably MDF boards are better choice. Please note, that even using the same Danish oil on two different oak pieces, it still might produce different end result, this is due to the wood age, dryness and individual characteristics.


Planned and sanded, untreated - this one is will enable you to colour match to your existing furniture, or just have a go and let your imagination off










Danish Oil - we only use high quality Fiddes oils, Danish Oil will highlight all the wood characters (splits/knots) and makes it lightly  goldenish.












Clear Hard Wax Oil - Also by Fiddes, is neutral mat finish, presents the wood grain as is, protects and preserve the wood.

Teak Oil - our "darkest" shade, deeply brown/with blackish shades

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